Well folks it’s nearly the end of 2016.  Which means that I really have to catch up on all the blogging I’ve missed in the past few months!  If you follow Something Beautiful on Instagram you will have seen snippets and sneak peeks of some of our favourite moments from the past year including the topic of today’s blog post!

Back in March I teamed up with the crazy talented and oh so gorgeous Carmen Freemark of Freemark Photography for a stylized photo shoot.  One of the first things Carmen said was “I want horses to be a huge focus in this shoot.”  Well that was a minor problem for me because alongside snakes, heights and most things you find under the sea, I am pretty darn scared of horses.

Why?  I really don’t know.

But something about them just gives me the heebie jeebies!  So when Carmen mentioned that there would be not one but TWO horses in this shoot I actually said “Maybe I could recommend a fellow planner who would be better suited to this concept.”  But the two of us clicked so well and after talking about the colours, the style and the general aesthetic we realized we were two darn peas in a pod!  So, I put on my brave face and got ready to meet the horses.  And I am so glad I did because what Carmen and I were able to create with the help of some fellow amazing Edmonton vendors is pure dang magic.

We teamed up with the amazing ladies at Fabloomosity to create not only a stunning centerpiece and bouquet but also some special floral garland to dress up the horses!  You didn’t think we’d leave those two out did you?

The table design in this shoot was really special to me.  Originally the shoot didn’t include decor or a table design but as it grew and evolved I realized we definitely needed that decor element added in!  Thank goodness for Carmen’s husband – that awesome guy made us a farmhouse style table!  With his bare hands!  It was the perfect backdrop for a copper and dusty blue place setting which I created using pieces from Special Event Rentals and IKEA of all places!  Vineyard style chairs from Special Event Rentals were the perfect touch to bring the table together!

Novelle Bridal provided a simply stunning champagne toned lace and organza gown that was perfectly complemented by a charcoal grey suit courtesy of Derks Formals.

Our models came to us from Numa Models and they were simply fantastic.  It was getting pretty cold out when we were shooting and both Galloway and Raven braved the chilly temperatures and as you can see, the sub zero climate did not affect their ability to be ridiculously good looking!

Now, there are TONS of great vendors in Edmonton.  I mean there are A LOT and I have had the pleasure of working with many of them and I look forward to working with many more.  But I have to give a special shout out to three vendors in particular.  I have called on these women many times to help me bring an idea to life and they never disappoint.  They truly are three of YEG’s wedding industry rock stars!  The lovely ladies of Behind the Blush, Over The Top Cakes and Glossie have always got my back when I approach them with an idea or concept.  If you need flawless hair and makeup, a simply scrumptious cake or some bomb dot com stationery – these are your ladies!  Thank you so much for always believing in the ideas I come to you with!  You ladies are amazing!

Okay, okay I know you’re dying to get to the photos.  So without any further adieu here are some of my favourite shots from our shoot, “Love Her But Leave Her Wild.”

Oh wait!   One more amazing thing to mention – a huge thank you to Blush Magazine for selecting this photo shoot to be a feature in their Fall Winter 2016 issue which is currently on stands now.  It’s pretty surreal to see your work in print and I’m so glad we were lucky enough to be featured!

Okay – NOW it’s time for the good stuff!  Enjoy!