Wedding season is upon us which means that it’s time to bring out your favourite cocktail dress and dust of those dancing shoes!
We love planning weddings but we also LOVE attending weddings!  People are in a great mood, there’s music and dancing and of course great food and drinks!
But we’ve all been witness to that one guest who just didn’t get the memo on how to behave at a wedding.
So how do you become an amazing wedding guest?  By following a few simple rules!  We’ve collected our top tips for absolutely crushing this wedding season and becoming the MVP of wedding guests!

  • Make sure you RSVP by the date provided.  Or better yet, RSVP earlier than the deadline!  This is the time to also alert the couple of any major dietary restrictions you may have so they can give their caterer ample notice.
  • Don’t assume you can bring a date!  Unless “and guest” or “plus one” is explicitly written on your invitation do not show up with an extra person.  The couple has budgeting and planned for a certain amount of people and bringing someone who wasn’t invited isn’t only rude but it will cause problems when it comes to seating and meals.   In the same respect, don’t assume that children are invited.  If your invitation doesn’t say “Miller Family”, it would be best to check with the bride and groom if this is a kid friendly party or an adults only event!
  • Arrive on time!  You should be at the ceremony ready to go thirty minutes prior to the start time listed on your invitation.  If something comes up and you are late for reasons beyond your control, don’t interrupt the ceremony.  Wait until it’s through and then join the group afterwards.
  • Dress appropriately!  Pay attention the venue, the time of day and the theme of the wedding when picking what to wear.  Don’t show up in jeans and a t-shirt for an evening wedding at the Plaza Hotel!  If you aren’t sure, ask the bride and groom or a family member what the dress code is.  If you still don’t know, cocktail attire is usually a safe bet.
  • Don’t crowd around the bridal party trying to get photos of them while the professional photographer is trying to do the same.  The bride and groom have paid for their preferred photographer and it’s best to stay out of their way while they do their job.  If you want photos from the wedding, ask the bride and groom if they have shots to share after the fact.  Or snap a photo of them at the reception when the party has begun and the photographer is through with their job.
  • Don’t go crazy sharing pictures on social media.  Many couples are now including what to do with social media on their programs at the wedding.  Some are all for sharing online and have even created a hashtag to go along with any photos their guests post.  But some do not want their big day plastered all over Instagram and Facebook for the world to see.  Be sure to find out what the couples wishes are before you post anything.  If nothing has been specified, just save that shot until you find out for sure!
  • Congratulate the couple!  And then don’t forget to also congratulate their families.  Weddings are a family affair and it will mean a lot to the couples families that you’ve taken the time to say thank you and congratulations!
  • Drink responsibly!  We cannot stress this one enough!  Whether the couple has provided an open bar, a toonie bar or a cash bar, please drink responsibly!  Free flowing liquor is not an excuse to get sloshed and try to start a game of strip poker at the great aunts table!  Be respectful of the couple, their families, the venue and your fellow guests!  And if the couple hasn’t provided designated drivers, please take a cab or grab an Uber!
  • If there is an open mic and you get up to say a few words make sure to keep it short and sweet!  Mention both the bride and groom and keep the inside jokes to a minimum.  Don’t know what to say?  It’s okay to pull out a classic line such as “I am so thrilled the two of you found each other.  I wish you nothing but happiness in the years to come!”  It’s not okay to say anything sexist or derogatory towards either party!  That means any “ball and chain” comments should be kept to yourself!
  • Join in the festivities!  The couple has put a lot of time and energy into creating an event that they think is fun and enjoyable so make sure to participate in what they have planned!  If they have a dance floor and a DJ, get out there and bust a move!  If they’ve set up lawn games during cocktail hour, grab a giant Jenga piece and challenge Uncle Dan to a game!  Nothing is worse than planning a party for the people you love and then looking around to see that no one is enjoying the activities you organized for them.  So get a little silly and join the conga line!

Congratulations!  You are officially ready to crush this wedding season and make your way into the wedding guest hall of fame!  Go ahead and make us proud!

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(Something Beautiful does NOT endorse crashing weddings like Mr. Wilson and Mr. Vaughn!  Note we said you are ready to CRUSH this wedding season, not crash!)