The Company

Something Beautiful Weddings is a boutique style wedding planning company based in Edmonton, Alberta.  Founder and Lead Planner, Jenn Denis has one simple goal when it comes to planning beautiful celebrations for her clients.  She believes in combining her passion and knowledge with each client’s specific dreams and vision to create truly unique events that really are a reflection of each couple and their story.

Each wedding is carefully prepared for and coordinated by Jenn herself so that each couple can have the confidence that no detail is forgotten and that their wedding day will be flawlessly executed.

The Planner

I was born and raised in Kelowna, BC where I spent most of my life dreaming that I would be a writer, a dancer or a teacher, among other things.  But life is funny, plans can change and before you know it you’ve moved to Edmonton, Alberta courtesy of your husband’s job and it’s snowing in June.  What the heck?!

But even though it wasn’t what I had planned for my life, moving to Edmonton in 2011 has proved to be an awesome, albeit slightly tough, decision.  Shortly after arriving in Alberta I began selling wedding dresses with a small bridal shop and realized that I kind of had a knack for it.  I started exploring other aspects of the wedding industry to see where else I could grow and learn.  I started assisting a lovely wedding planner who was gracious enough to take me under her wing.  After a couple of years she decided to move on from wedding planning to raise her family and that left me wondering, “What the heck should I do now?”

My sweet husband, Tyson, was the first person in line to suggest that I start my own planning company.  Okay, let me tell you a secret here.  I was terrified.  Literally scared stiff of starting my own business.  I had never been a boss before and to be a boss in an industry that is so filled with emotions and high expectations was an incredibly daunting prospect.  But Tyson encouraged me to get educated, become certified, learn all that I could and above all, he encouraged me to trust my own instincts and talents.

So with my certifications from The College of the Rockies and The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada (WPIC) under my belt, along with my years of bridal experience and a little bit of moxie, I created Something Beautiful Weddings in 2015.

Since then I’ve been lucky enough to work with truly the sweetest clients in the world, see my work published in both Bridal Fantasy and Blush Magazine’s print editions as well as online for Blush Magazine and YegWed, serve as the 2016 WPIC Regional Representative for Edmonton, and most recently receive first place in the ILEA WEDmonton 2017 Design Competition.  (Check out the Features page here!)

Next to my unapologetic passion for weddings you will find the following:

  • a fanatical love for all things Disney
  • a slight obsession with coffee
  • undying devotion to 80’s big hair bands
  • constant bragging and gushing about my siblings (they are all beautiful humans, every last one of them)
  • the uncanny ability to recite nearly every Friends episode word for word

Oh, I’m also a sucker for a good love story and I’d absolutely love to hear yours!  So let’s grab a coffee and chat about how I can help you create something beautiful on your big day.  You can get in touch with me here!

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