Colour Predictions

Can you believe we are already nearing the end of January!?
Our first month of 2017 is nearly over!  I love the beginning of a new year, there’s a spring in everyone’s step as they enjoy a fresh start.
This is also the time when newly engaged couples start planning their big day!
So that got me thinking, what sort of trends will be in the forefront for couples this year?
While researching what the powers that be are predicting for this year, I noticed that there’s a pretty wide spectrum of opinions.  For a couple starting out their planning process, it can be a little confusing!
So to help you kick things off, today we are taking a look at some of the colour predictions for 2017.
If you have no idea what types of colours to even start looking at or how to go about choosing from the endless possibilities, don’t worry.  We are going to walk through the most popular colour predictions for 2017 to help you get started!

After reading through tons of online predictions, there seem to be two major camps of colour palettes for 2017:

Neutral colours
Bright colours

Let’s start with neutrals.
Just like your favourite black dress or classic nude pump, neutrals in weddings aren’t going anywhere.  We’ve seen a lot of champagne, nude and blush over the past couple of years but now grey, white, ivory and even mauve are making their way into the mix.
While a soft, ethereal colour palette can be stunning on it’s own, the great thing about neutrals is that they create a perfect canvas for you to bring in a pop of colour should you so desire.
Pantone’s colour of the year is Greenery, which is a vibrant green.  When paired with a team of neutrals this colour really stands out and creates a fresh feeling atmosphere!
Not a fan of green?  Don’t worry, a neutral background complements any pop of colour you prefer.

Neutral Palette

Searching for something a little more vibrant?
Along with Greenery, Pantone predicts that colours like Primrose Yellow and Lapis Blue are going to be popular, particularly for spring and summer.  If you love colour and want your wedding to reflect that, why not try going for a palette full of bright, bold shades?  Raspberry, magenta and peach paired with some bright spring greenery is a gorgeous way to play with colour.

Brights Palette

Are you a little nervous about putting multiple bright shades together?
Why not try pairing one vibrant colour with a slightly more subtle shade?  For example  a bright yellow paired with a pale blue or grey still shows your fun loving side but isn’t overwhelming.

Brights Palette (2)

Now, what does a couple do when they don’t like bright colours or neutrals, or neutrals with a single pop of colour?
Well fear not because there is a another camp!

While it may not be as popular, I personally think that deep, rich colours still have a place in 2017!
Deeper tones have been especially popular for fall and winter weddings in years past, and for good reason!  They evoke an particular type of elegance that can’t be replicated with any other tone.
In 2015 the colour of the year was Marsala, a deep, dark burgundy shade and we saw couples pair it with gold, navy, grey and plum shades throughout both 2015 and 2016!
This year Pantone did not predict any deep, dark colours, however it seems like burgundy, wine and oxblood shades are going to hold on for another year, along with navy and deep shades of green, especially for winter weddings.
I personally LOVE pairing any deep shade with a metallic like gold or copper and accenting with a lighter shade such as blush or ivory to make sure the wedding space doesn’t feel too dark.

Rich Palette

So what do you think of the 2017 colour predictions?  Do you have a favourite camp or are you still team undecided?
Don’t forget, that while trends are great to give you a starting point and a little inspiration – this is your big day and you can do whatever YOU want!  The most important thing is that your wedding is an extension of what you and your fiance enjoy.

And if you’re really stuck and could use a little kick start designing your decor plan, I can help with that! Contact us for more information on how we can help!